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Organic Fertilizing


Deficient Soil: Trees require certain essential nutrients to function and grow. For trees in a forest site these nutrients are readily available in sufficient quantities. However, in the urban setting, fallen leaves and other plant parts are regularly raked up and removed, disrupting the natural cycle of decomposition. Over time this can create serious nutrient deficiencies in the soil that lead to stress and an overall decline in health.

Soil Testing: Soil testing is often necessary to determine how sufficient or deficient the nutrient levels are in the soil. This is an inexpensive test with the results often showing a simple solution to what may seem a complicated symptom. Many, if not most, tree disorders are caused or influenced by soil/water deficiencies or root problems. Click here to order your own soil sample.

Custom Fertilization: Once you have received your soil sample results Kenny, our certified arborist, will analyze the results to customize your fertilization program accordingly.

Organic Solutions: ATS Associates uses a mixture of organic fertilizers that derive their primary nutrients from a combination of cold process kelp, soluble fish, molasses, humic acid, fulvic acid and selected plant extracts. Inoculation of Mycorrihizal fungus increases the absorption capacity of the tree.

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