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Importance of Insurance


The Importance of Hiring a Fully Insured Tree Service

Hiring a non-insured or under-insured tree service could be financial ruin to homeowners. When a worker is injured on the job site, the first suit will be against the company they are working for. Workman’s comp. covers not only injuries but also provides the family with support in serious injury or fatal cases - either of these instances can be extremely lengthy and expensive. 

If the company does not carry workers’ compensation it is probably because they cannot afford to, which means they will probably not have the funds to meet the demands of the lawsuit. Once that avenue is exhausted, the next stop is the homeowner. Often the homeowners insurance will not cover the costs due to the homeowners’ negligence for hiring a service that is not FULLY insured.

Tree Service is a hazardous job that should be performed by skilled professionals. Mistakes happen even by the most skilled of workers. In a country where we can sue for our coffee being too hot, don’t let yourself get caught unprotected!

Don’t take our word for it! Check out the links below or call the legal department of your homeowner’s insurance company!

*See Workers' compensation insurance for independent contractors.

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