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Tree health assessment: As a certified arborist Kenny can assess the health of your trees, and if needed can write reports for a minimal charge.

Fertilizing: ATS Associates uses organic fertilizers to replenish the nutrients that are missing in suburban soil. Click here for more information on our organic solutions.

Pruning: Tree and shrub pruning is more than simply cutting limbs away from the house or other nearby objects. Pruning is an art and an integral part of a lasting plant health care program. Properly pruned trees resist can storm damage, pest and disease infestations, and are more natural looking. We prune your trees according to the ANSI standards (American National Standards Institute) that are approved and advisable by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Removal: While removing a tree is considered a last resort- it is sometimes necessary to remove a dead or dying tree, hazardous trees, or to promote growth to younger and healthier trees or plants. We have twenty years of experience in removing dead, storm-damaged, or dangerous trees. Before removing your dangerous tree consult with a certified arborist. Not ALL tree personnel are hazardous removal experts!

Stump Grinding: We offer stump grinding upon request. This includes grinding the main stump and any immediate roots. This does not include “chasing” surface roots or hauling away stump chips but can at an additional cost to the homeowner.

Cat Rescue: Cats often climb trees and on rare occasion they are unable to get down. Most cats will come down even if afraid within a day or two of being in the tree. In the event that a cat has been in the tree for three days, we can safely assume the cat will not come down on his/her own.

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